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Tips For Potty Training Boys, Girls...
Even Toddlers In 3 Days!


Stop wasting your money on diapers and pull-ups and get your child potty trained now! My technique works. You will overcome the challenges of potty training. And, you will save the tons of money you're currently wasting on diapers.

Other eBooks and Guides will have you purchasing expensive dolls and products to potty train your child. But my technique works without all those expensive products and is written by someone who truly knows toilet training!


Dear Parent or Caregiver,

Changing diapers and Pull-Ups is no fun and I'm sure you can't wait to be done with potty training. Who wouldn't want to have their child potty trained as quickly as possible? The problem that most of you have is that you don't know when the child is ready or how to make the process shorter than a month or two.

Potty training girls, boys or a toddler does not need to take weeks or months. You don't have to potty train first for #1 and then wait to potty train for #2 at a later time like some online methods suggest. You don't have to potty train your girl or boy for day time and night time separately like other online methods suggest. You can potty train your child for #1, #2, daytime and nighttime all at the same time. This means that at the end of three days, you can be totally and completely done with those diapers.

So let me ask you a question or two. Wouldn't you love to:

  • Have an extra $100 in your pocket each month?

  • Be done with changing smelly diapers on girls and boys?

  • Not be "out-and-about" only to discover you don't have a diaper with you?

  • Be able to brag in front of your jealous friends about how your child was potty trained so quickly?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're in the right place. I can help you accomplish all those things in only three days!

What Does It Really Mean To
Have Your Child Potty Trained?


Many websites use the phrase "potty trained" very very loosely. They use it to describe the boy or girl when he or she doesn't wear a diaper anymore. But honestly, even though a diaper isn't being used, is the child really potty trained if they are wetting their pants or pull-up? Is a girl or boy really potty trained if they still need a diaper or pull-up for night time?

Is your toddler really potty trained if only the parent knows of the child's potty needs? This type of "potty training" is a prison sentence for the parent and is often why so many parents revert back to the diapers and/or never kicking the pull-ups habit - especially when it comes to boys.

My Potty Training eBook is not like the other eBooks, guides, methods, books or manuals you will find on the internet or bookstore. With my Potty Training method you will not be expected to help, remind and clean up for weeks or months before having success. I will teach you how to fully potty train boys and girls in three days or less.

Get your copy now!

What Is The Little Known Technique For Potty Training In Three Days?

The answer to that question can be found in my eBook.

Back in 1972, when my daughter was around 2 years old, I asked family and friends for advice, tips and experiences when they potty trained their children.

I found that everyone had different ideas, but the one thing they all had in common was that it took weeks and even months to potty train.

"You've got to be kidding me," I thought to myself. There just had to be a faster, more efficient method of potty training girls -- and all children!

They say "necessity is the mother of invention." Well, I had an internal need to streamline this process. That is when I came up with my technique for potty training.

Fast forward to 1995 when my daughter was about to potty train my grandson and asked me for ideas and help. I wrote down my technique and that is when everything started coming together. In 2003 my daughter's husband made my notes into what he called an "eBook". They felt that I was onto something. Our hope then was to help others avoid and minimize the stresses associated with potty training.

Whether you have a boy or girl, the eBook you will receive contains my time-tested strategy as well as advice that can only come from someone who has personally helped thousands of other parents just like you. This truly is the only Book, Guide or eBook you will ever need to buy to get your child potty trained in only 3 days.

I can help you.

will help you.

And it's guaranteed.


Get your copy now!

Why Should You Listen To Me?


Firsltly, because I know what I'm talking about! I've used this technique on my own children, and I've instructed thousands of other parents how to use this technique with their own children. I get success stories from thankful and excited parents on nearly a daily basis!

Secondly,  my technique was designed so that potty training children can be completed in only 3 days. It takes much less time than more traditional methods and techniques take. I promise you that!

Most eBooks that have methods and techniques in them will have you potty training for days and nights separately and #1 and #2 separately. Not with my technique. You can and will have your child fully potty trained in only 3 days.

My ebook will also make you feel confident about what you are doing. Family and friends don't always give the best advice when it comes to potty training, and all too often they leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. My ebook will be your mentor so you will feel good about what you're doing.

Last but not least, I guarantee that you'll have results using my technique in 3 days and if you don't - I'll refund your money. I don't want to keep your money if you didn't get results with my technique.

I'm a mother and grandmother, so I understand your frustrations and desire to be done with potty training fast--and to be out of the diapers and pull-ups for good.

Why Should You Try The Potty Training Technique that's outlined in my Potty Training eBook?


Save Money

Diapers and pull-ups cost lots of money. If you're using cloth diapers, you have the huge expense of washing and maintaining them.

You're going to save around $100 a month on not having to buy diapers and wipes. If your like me, that $100 sure helps. I actually started having a "date night" with my husband with the extra money we saving by having my child potty trained.

Less Laundry

I hate, hate, hate laundry. I have never enjoyed it and I don't think I ever will. If you're like me then you probably hate it too.

When children are wearing diapers they seem to have "leaks" which always means more laundry. Potty training helps reduce laundry, which will mean less time doing it!

Better Hygiene

How often have you cried when you went to change your child's diaper and saw they had a diaper rash? It breaks our hearts to see our children in pain and diaper rashes are painful. The cost of ointments to clear up diaper rashes is a pretty penny as well.

No More Embarrassment

How many time has someone come to visit you and you were embarrassed by the smell of dirty diapers in your house? This will be a thing of the past.

Have you ever been embarrassed while shopping when your child pooped his diaper and while looking for a bathroom everyone could smell your child while walking the aisles? I'm so glad to be done with that. It was always so embarrassing for me.

Daycare & Preschool

If your child is in daycare, then you know that daycares charge more for kids who are in diapers. That's probably why they aren't good at helping you get your child out of those diapers and pull-ups.

Most, if not all preschools, won't let your child attend unless they are fully potty trained. You will feel confident in sending your child once he or she has been trained with my method.

Bragging Rights

Yes, you are going to have bragging rights because how many of your friends had their child out of diapers in only one weekend? You'll be able to tell them all that your child was fully potty trained in only three days!

Fully Potty Trained

When you use my method, your child will be fully potty trained. Other potty training methods will only potty train your son or daughter for pee, not bowel movements, and will put off nighttime training and bowel movements for a later date. You don't really want that, do you?

All these are yours....simply

Download a Copy of My eBook Now

You will get these great benefits
when you download your copy


You truly can read this in one sitting. It's not like a book that says Easy to Read and then it takes a week to be read because its pages and pages long and all it does is ramble.

Written by a mom and grandma. I've had years of testing my technique and I promise you that it works.

In only 3 days you'll be diaper and pull-up free. Why take months to potty train your child when you can have it done in one weekend, or any other 3 consecutive days.

Start saving money! You'll be surprised at how much you save when you don't have to go to the store and buy diapers and wipes.

Doesn't cost you money in extras! Some methods and techniques have you buying tons of potty training gizmos like dolls, videos or fun potty chairs. With my potty training method, you won't need any of for potty training toddlers.

Even stubborn children can be potty trained with this technique. All kids are different, that's true but this is a technique that works with all kids.

You have nothing to lose. If you don't see results in 3 days, then I'll give you a full refund!
Your Child Will Be Fully Potty Trained Other potty training methods will only potty train your son or daughter for pee, not bowel movements, and will put off nighttime training and bowel movements for a later date. With my method, your son or daughter will be potty trained for day, night, #1 and #2.

Be Diaper Free In Only 3 Days
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Don't waste a single dime on any other potty training method unless it meets the following important criteria.
Written by a Potty Training Expert - I created this technique in 1972 while potty training my daughter. I've used this technique repeatedly to help parents just like you to potty train their child in only 3 days. I give support and advice each and everyday. I know all about potty training potty training boys and girls!
Proven Technique - My technique works. I get testimonials each and everyday from moms and dads just like you thanking me for creating such an easy, step by step eBook to get their children out of diapers and pull-ups in three days.
Quick and Easy to Read - You want to start potty training right away. You want step by step instructions without a bunch of fluff and wasted words and with my potty training method you will won't be wasting your time on fluff.
Affordable - My eBook is priced much less than other books, guides and eBooks. I have the stay at home mom in mind.
Has a Guarantee - My guarantee is simple. If you don't see results in three days, I'll gladly refund your full purchase price.
Will Fully Potty Train - My technique will fully potty train your child for both day and night at the same time. Beware of other methods that consider "potty trained" to be for pee only, and leave bowel movements or nighttime training for a future date.

Beware of Inferior or Misleading
Potty Training Methods
and Hype


Beware of the so-called "Potty Training in a Day" type of methods. You the parent can learn what you need to know in a day about potty training. But to start the day off with your child still in diapers or pull-ups, and at the end of the same day they will be fully "potty trained" is hard to believe
Having potty trained thousands of children, I can tell you that it is possible, but only for a few fortunate parents. There are many factors that will contribute to a child being "potty trained in a day." I have found that it takes about three days to potty train most children.
Beware of how other sites define having your child "Potty Trained." Many so-called potty training methods say they will have your child "potty trained," but what they don't tell you is that their definition of "potty trained" means that the child won't require diapers for the day, but night-time training is different and shouldn't be done until the child is older, and that bowel movements don't count.
My method addresses the whole thing: daytime, nighttime, pee, bowel movements. You will not need diapers after using my method for three days. Not for bowel movements, not for nighttime. You will be done with diapers forever.
Don't get caught up thinking you need to buy your child books, videos / DVDs, potty training dolls, charts or potty training completion certificates.
Based on my many years of experience potty training children, I can tell you that these things do not lend themselves well to successful potty training. Children's books, videos, DVDs, and dolls should only be used as a way to introduce your child to potty training. My book talks more about this. Charts and certificates are not needed when you use my method.


I'm completely confident that my potty training techniques will help you be diaper free in only three days. I am excited that you will soon enter into a new phase in your toddler's life.


Ann Andelin

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