Boys and Girls Potty Training in 3 Days

Are Animals Easier to Potty Train Than Kids?

Ever since the prissy kitty Mr. Jinx used the toilet in the movie “Meet the Parents,” and Jim Carry had his dog potty trained in “Bruce All Mighty,” toilet training animals has become more popular. Just about any animal that can be trained, in any way, is a candidate for potty training.

This Would Make Jinxy Cat Proud

Thanks to their small size and agility, cats are probably one of the easiest animals to potty train. Full training will usually take about one month (not too bad compared to the three to six months it takes to potty train a child). One month of patience and a little bit of effort can leave you litter and smell free.


Home Training, Step-by-Step

There are several different ways to toilet train a cat. Many online stores offer toilet training kits, which are usually over priced. This video shows one home training method step by step:


Modified Toilet Lets this Poodle Potty

Dogs are not as easy to work with as cats, but still have the ability to be toilet trained as shown by this cute mini poodle:


Wild? Yes. Gross? Pretty Much

Potty training doesn’t stop at traditional domestic animals. According to her owner, this bobcat named Ginger taught herself how to use the toilet. Now, if only Ginger can resist the urge to step into the toilet... and most importantly, stop drinking from the toilet.



Most rats don’t leave their droppings in your toilet, as this polite pouched rat named Matisse does.


Potty-Bellied Pig

Although it may be slightly more awkward, even oversized animals can be taught to use a toilet. This pig had no trouble at all:

If you Build it, they will GO!

If the animal is really just too big or clumsy, or produces massive amounts of poo, you can always build them a special toilet of their own. The first elephant toilet was recently built in Thailand for a five-year old elephant named Diew. He uses the contraption several times a day and never forgets to flush!

We deal with helping a lot of parents facing the tough task of potty training stubborn children, but even so, the thought of a stubborn bobcat or elephant seems slightly more daunting!

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